Promoting young women in leadership



Building character by example

Engaging youth in the arts

I wonder if there is an awareness among African youth that things are not right, that it is not normal that they live in such desperate conditions and that they deserve better.  I wish to see this awareness among the youth at BYAC.  Beyond the activities that BYAC organizes, it gives a platform for such reflections.

Elie Bibeyi

BYAC Board Member

I love BYAC cause it’s my second family.  I grew up as an artist and at BYAC I met people who always support me to achieve my dream as an artist.
Freud Mugisho

Volunteer Member and Art Club Coordinator at BYAC

BYAC is an incredible organization working to affect change from the grassroots up.  I feel lucky to work with an organization that is creating leaders for Congo’s future.

Claire Bros

BYAC Board Member

BYAC helped me to grow as a leader

Garry Milambo

Program Manager

BYAC is a bright star of Christ in the heart of Bukavu, Congo DR. Serving the needs of others as young adults, growing in the Lord’s ways. I am so blessed to be a small part in their journey.

David Meacham

Friend of BYAC

BYAC has played a very important role in my life because through its objectives and mission, my life has taken a different course.  I’m grateful for the day I first joined BYAC.  It has given me a special gift: to be a leader everyday. Long live BYAC.

Godelive Sainzoga

Assistant Director, BYAC

Bukavu Youth Action Center (BYAC) has the vision to develop youth leadership through arts and communication. BYAC has three core programs:
-Seeds of Hope: program focused on leadership development to children ages 10-12.
-Youth for Change:  program training youth ages between 18 -35 to be consciously engaged citizens
-Art for transformation: program aimed to creatively educate the community on responsible leadership.

To train, mentor, and empower young adults who contribute to positive community transformation.

BYAC’s facility is located on PE Lumumba street in Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.




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